Our Mission

Our mission is to position Canada as a global leader in the development of a sustainable and vibrant economy.

As global environmental issues become more compelling and more complex, Canada has an opportunity to be a leader. A new economic model is needed that understands our future wealth depends on preserving our natural capital.

To meet the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities presented by climate change and the development of a vibrant new economy, new skill sets are needed.

In a survey by ECO Canada, three consistent skill gaps were identified:

  1. Ability to adapt to the quick pace of technological change
  2. Increased knowledge of sustainable development, particularly skills related to carbon trading and environmental finance
  3. Interdisciplinary thinkers who have a thorough understanding of the issues and their relevance across disciplines and departments.

(Source: ECO Canada Labour Market Research Study 2010 Defining the Green Economy)

Is Canada prepared to be a leader in this new economy?